By: Michelle Blood May 30, 2017

In recent weeks a number of events have caused me to consider more seriously our financial commitments … how my husband and I manage them and what steps we can take today to prepare for a better tomorrow.  Then a couple days ago, a radio interview on budget planning caught my attention and one statement keeps popping up in my head:  “Debt restricts our options.”

As I was listening to today’s “Grace to You” with John MacArthur, it were these words that truly resonated with me: “Riches can significantly obstruct spirituality and they certainly do demonstrate where you are in your spiritual life.”

What do you think?  Is the Lord trying to tell me something?  I know He is … and I’m listening.

Maybe He has a message your listeners need to hear too.  Encourage them to tune in today through June 11 when John explains further the surprising connection between our money and our walk with Christ.  It’s a study titled, Whose Money Is It, Anyway?

Then later this month, John shows us how the future hope that all Christians have—the assurance that Christ will return—can purify our life and strengthen us to live for God’s glory.  Transforming Hope airs June 12-21.  In my mind, it’s actually a very timely message following one on money.  Be sure your listeners don’t miss any of it!

For details on programming and the many resources available, check out the June Grace to You tool kit here.


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