By: Selah Cosentino October 15, 2018

“God sets things right.  He also makes it possible for us to live in rightness.”  – Max Lucado

 Isn’t that a reassuring reminder in the midst of the chaos we face daily in this world?  Over the past two months, Max Lucado has shared many thoughts on the “Unshakable Hope” found in the promises of God.

On the daily 1:00 feature, UpWords, Max exhorts listeners to build their lives on the promises of God, instead of the problems of life.

Among others, those promises include …

  • You are stamped with God’s image
  • You are an heir of God
  • Your prayers have power
  • God gets you
  • Joy is coming

In addition to listening every day, I was so blessed to tune into the special 8-part study through these promises that Max hosted on Facebook Live.  If you missed any of those, you can watch them here.  (These videos make for great fodder to share with listeners on your station’s Facebook Page!)

When life’s trials, demands, stressors, worries, and simply the “daily grind” add up … we can rest in Who God is and what He’s done.

Max says: “Storms still come but so does Jesus!”

Last week started a new series called “A Gentle Thunder,” focusing on the truth that God does what it takes to get our attention.  For listeners who need a reminder of His love and assurance of His strength, please encourage them to tune in!

On the October 15th edition, Max said:

“God’s faithfulness has never depended on the faithfulness of his children.  He is faithful even when we are not.  When we lack courage, he doesn’t.”

 And aren’t we grateful!


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