By: Lee Ann Jackson September 15, 2022

Emojis for social media have become a common and powerful tool in social media.  Whether you’re using a simple smiley face or the checkbox emoji, they make a difference in content engagement.  As per YouGovAmerica reports, 57% of Facebook posts with emojis get more likes, and 33% have more shares and comments. Instagram posts and tweets with emojis increase engagement rate by 48% and 25%, respectively.

There are, however, “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to including them in your social captions.  Here are a few rules to consider when including emojis in your social media content:

DO Know What the Emojis Means

The last thing you want to do is send the wrong message.  Before hitting the “Enter” button, check out Emojipedia for details on all of the emojis.

DO Keep It Relevant

Use emojis that pertain to the message you’re sharing.  Yes, there are a lot of creative and fun emojis to choose from but if you include images that don’t have anything to do with your caption, you can confuse the message.

DON’T Overuse Emojis

Emojis are an easy way to connect and show personality with your audience, but not every social post should includes emojis.  Using a lot of emojis in a caption can be off-putting or worse, come across as spam. It’s best to limit how many, and how often, emojis you use.

DON’T Make Light of a Serious Subject

While including emojis in your content is great, make sure you use them within context.  A simple rule of thumb, if you think there’s any chance emojis would come across as making light of a serious situation, definitely opt out of using them.

This week, Adobe released its annual Emoji Trend Report, for which it conducted a survey of over 5,000 emoji users in the US to learn how, when and why they’re posting emojis. Email and we’ll send you a copy of the report!


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