By: Jennifer Perez September 7, 2017

It’s Back to School season and a time that brings about a variety of emotions for parents.  While some moms are literally skipping down the aisles of Target like in their commercials, others are gripped with anxiety and concern about a new school, new teachers, and navigating a full schedule with homework and activities.  I find that as a mom of teenagers with kids now in high school, I lean more towards the “worry” side of life because the closer we get to the finish line of their education, there’s a whole lot more to consider when faced with more “lasts” than “firsts.”

My kids have grown up in our public school system, and while I’ve seen so much change in the curriculum over the years, I’m still shocked at times, like discovering that my son’s health class is learning all about different genders.  Or when my daughter’s global studies teacher told the class that CNN would be their primary news service because Fox News is not real news.  (My daughter certainly didn’t agree with this!)

While I am concerned over what my kids are learning in school (and from which viewpoint), I watch how my kids respond and it encourages me that they have absorbed the truths we’re teaching at home and this, combined with the foundation they’ve had through church, has helped them see through the culture with a Christian worldview that causes them to respond with a reasonable defense.  Their beliefs are not tossed about just because a teacher enforces their own views.

Pastor Jim Garlow has written about education and the importance of a parent’s role in his book, “Well Versed,” and a special Back to School “Mini-Series” on this topic airs September 11-15 on his daily feature, “The Garlow Perspective.”

Here is a sample excerpt from the program airing September 13th . . .

You’ve heard “it takes a village to raise a child!”  While it plays a role, it doesn’t supplant the role of parents!  Psalm 127:3 says children are a “reward from him”—a blessing and a gift.

This blessing is entrusted to parents—not the village.  And with that we have a responsibility to train our children in the ways of righteousness as Ephesians 6:4 says; and that includes discipline, instruction, training and education.  Unfortunately, we have an education system in America that often leaves parents with limited rights and choices.

Scripture calls us to teach our children diligently—to train up a child in the way he should go—in principles and the truth of God’s Word!

As Jim said, “the village” should be no substitute for a parent’s role in their child’s education, and this is true for those attending any kind of school, whether it’s public or private.

And, we’re thankful that by airing Jim Garlow’s messages on your station, you are equipping and encouraging parents who even today, might be faced with a challenge that affects their child for eternity.

We’re all in this together, and may it be a great year of learning and growth for our kids . . . and for us!


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