By: Lee Ann Jackson December 11, 2017

As a parent of three, I’ve had many talks with my children through the years and recently, I had a difficult one with my youngest.

Though I’d had the “big talk” talk with her a few years back, a couple of weeks ago, I initiated another not-so-easy conversation.  I talked with her about the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world — human trafficking.

I learned from listening in on the interviews for the upcoming Sanctity of Life radio special, “Victims in the Shadows”, from Brad Mattes and the Life Issues Institute, that although we want to believe that trafficking can’t happen where we live, it can and it does  . . . in fact, it happens everywhere.

As Brad notes, while public awareness of trafficking is growing, sadly most Americans have yet to comprehend just how deeply it has infiltrated American society,

“When you hear the term “human trafficking,” your thoughts probably go to some foreign land. Yet, the reality is that this crisis is taking place in your own backyard, in communities across America. It’s closer and more prevalent than you may realize.”

And, another critical dynamic regarding human trafficking most aren’t aware of, as Brad notes, is that, abortion is part of the equation,

“The abortion industry knowingly participates by looking the other way when representatives of this underworld trade bring pregnant trafficking victims to abortion facilities.”

For “Victims in the Shadows” (26:00), Brad has brought together a knowledgeable team of contributors who speak passionately about an epidemic that threatens the future of so many children.  Awareness and education are key – as is the practical wisdom that is provided in this new and insightful radio special.  And, while introducing the topic to youth may be intimidating or difficult, the message in the special helps parents be prepared with information to bridge the topic effectively with their children.

As a father and grandfather, Brad’s heart is particularly concerned for the impact of human trafficking on the youth,

“Traffickers are highly trained and will stop at nothing to victimize young people for monetary profit. Teach your children to be watchful and aware of their environments. Make sure the entire family understands the potential dangers of the society we live in.”

Start making plans now to carry the 2018 Sanctity of Life radio special, “Victims in the Shadows!” Contact me at for clearance to air this special on January 21st and to share with your listeners what parents, churches and, each of us, can do to help stop this growing crime that devastatingly devalues the lives it touches.

(Listen to a trailer of the special and read more about this important topic on the “Victims in the Shadows” specials page on our website.)


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