By: Peggy Campbell July 29, 2020

1-Dad was a prez, just like me.

2-My gambling habit nixed my place at Cooperstown.

3-:( my 200+ year-old tune will be heard far less this year without sports teams in stadiums.

4-I was a single mom who sang with the kids—one of them a teen heartthrob who was actually my step-son!

5-Alex P. Keaton; Marty McFly; Chance … just a few of my famous roles.

6-“Sweet Caroline” or “Cracklin’ Rosie”—I sang ‘em both.

7-Until the Marlins fiasco, people thought I was crazy not to play this year … can anyone say $35.54 million?

8-I actually said “Mr. Watson, come here, I want a Red Bull.”  [OK, kidding, but you get the point.]

9-Call me lawyer, governor, representative, Covid Chief … oh, yeah, and Vice President.

10-They call me the “Father of Rock and Roll” … and I was imitated by #5 hilariously.

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Answers to last week’s “… AND BLUE” Trivia:

1-Insurance giant               Blue Shield or Cross (either works!)

2-Stilton, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, for instance          Blue Cheese

3-Police drama featuring Sunday family dinner each week            Blue Bloods

4-Mr. Strauss’ invention               Blue Jeans 🙂 

5-Disneyland restaurant / Linda Ronstadt hit             Blue Bayou

6-How much is my car worth?  Check this!                 Blue Book

7-Happens about every 32 months       Blue Moon

8-Manual worker               Blue Collar

9-Navy aerobatic team     Blue Angels

10-What she wore, per Bobby Vinton              Blue Velvet … everybody now!


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