By: Peggy Campbell April 7, 2021

Field of endeavor?

1-Jesse Owen; Carl Lewis; Roger Bannister

2-Pele; David Beckham; Mia Hamm

3-Gene Kelly; Bill “Bojangles” Robinson; Gregory Hines

4-Margaret Sanders; J. S. Bach; Mormon Tabernacle pipe player

5-Mikhail Baryshnikov; Margot Fonteyn; Rudolf Nureyev

6-George Blanda; Garo Yepremian; Justin Tucker

7-Muhammad Ali; Floyd Mayweather; Vasiliy Lomachenko

8-Kobe Bryant; Steph Curry; Hakeem Olajuwon

9-Karl Wallenda; Charles Blondin; Philippe Petit

10-Peggy Fleming; Scott Hamilton; Kristi Yamaguchi

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Answers to last week’s “SPRING HAS SPRUNG” Trivia:

1-Bic, Papermate, Pilot     Ball point pen

2-The pea in the stack of these bothered the princess            Mattress

3-Greg Louganis Launchpad        Diving board

4-Typically features “Pop Goes the Weasel” in operation              Jack in the Box

5-Mechanical device that joins pages of paper         Stapler [somehow this stumped several folks!]

6-Featured in my favorite Christmas commercial OR “bouncy” equipment used in acrobatics or gymnastics Trampoline

7-Found in arcades            Pinball machine

8-Browns bread every morning             Toaster

9-Exercise tool intended to strengthen muscles of the torso            Chest extender

10-Iconic Wells Fargo symbol     Stagecoach


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