By: Haley Jessup March 16, 2017

The Africa Mercy had a special visitor this past week … Dana Perino of “The Five” (Fox News)!

This was Dana’s second trip to the ship, and she not only explored the local community, shadowed a volunteer surgeon, and spent time visiting patients, but she took over Mercy Ships’ social media accounts as well!

And as part of the “social takeover”, Dana did a Facebook live interview with HR Director, Ally Jones, on Mercy Ships’ Facebook page.

“I had to agree to live out of a suitcase for Amy to agree to marry me,” Ally said as he talked about what life is like onboard with his wife.

Their living quarters are small and their free time is limited, so the pair has to be intentional about what they allow into their home and what they do to get away.

With over 35 different nationalities and thousands of different cultures serving onboard—including Americans, Europeans, Australians, and even local Africans who joined the crew and gained qualifications to remain in service—Ally is grateful for how much his time with Mercy Ships has impacted his worldview.

Dana and Ally covered a variety of topics including what’s next for Mercy Ships, what the heartbeat of the ship is, and what Ally is most proud of from their time in Benin … they even talked about a little one who Ally and Amy are expecting to arrive this July!

Dana broadcasted live from the ship last Friday — watch here! And she will do another feature on her show tomorrow (5pm EST), where she’ll share photos and debrief her time onboard. She also posted a Q&A page to her website for visitors to learn more about Mercy Ships and how they can get involved.

What an extraordinary opportunity for those with stature in the secular world to be introduced to the glorious works of our Savior through the hands and feet of Mercy Ships!


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