By: Jennifer Perez February 18, 2019

It seems that every day, we hear a story of how someone’s religious rights have been attacked by the government.  The debate over the separation of church and state continues.  This week on “The Garlow Perspective” feature, Jim Garlow addresses this issue, reminding listeners of God’s intentions from the beginning.

Jim shares . . .

God ordained civil government—but it has limits!  And it’s important to know the origin of those limits!  God ordained civil government for our good.  But like all other realms of government, it has limited authority under God.  The primary duties of civil authorities are to use its power to punish those who do evil and to commend those who do good, according to God’s moral law.

Our nation’s founders’ genius is in the system of government they established.  God, not a Pope or a King, is the sovereign.  Our inalienable rights come from God.  This was revolutionary for its day.  The founders feared the power of government in the hands of self-serving men.  So they divided, limited and enumerated the power of the civil government.  All legitimate rights, liberties and authority come from God, and are granted to every realm of government.

God never intended for the civil government to control the church or intrude into the family!  The civil government has no right to define theological terms and meaning, and then force it on the church.  And the government has no right dictating to a family how they are to operate—with the very exception when the life of a family member is truly at stake.

It’s my prayer that God will raise up a bold, biblically well versed people who will proclaim biblical truth to power!  Will you join me?

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