By: Lee Ann Jackson January 26, 2023

Instagram has changed its algorithm over the last few years, making it much more difficult for users to get their content in front of their intended audience.

A key factor to strengthen your radio station’s chances of audience engagement on Instagram is knowing what time to post.

The short answer is that the best time to post on Instagram is between 6 am -11 am (PST), Monday – Friday [Search Engine Journal].

The long answer is that every radio station has its own personalized best time to post, depending on the niche and location of its target audience. It’s hard to land on the average best time to spot for a wide range of businesses, based on different companies’ data in various parts of the world – it’s not a one size fits all solution.  So, you must find out the personalized best time frame for your brand.

Insights on the Instagram Application or Creator Studio is a key way to find the best time suitable for posting to get more engagement on your Instagram brand profile:

  • Instagram Mobile App: The Instagram mobile app is a convenient tool that lets you find significant insights, like the location of your followers, their gender, age, and when they are most active on Instagram.
  • Instagram Creator Studio: Instagram Creator Studio, like Instagram insights, gives you access to multiple audience insights to find the best time to post on Instagram. (A downfall of the Instagram native insights is that it only provides online activity data for the past 7 days.)

Use the methods and times discussed to determine the best time for your radio station to post on Instagram.  You won’t see numbers surge on the first day but with consistent efforts, you’ll begin to see results to further guide your strategy . . . and engage your audience more!


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