By: February 4, 2021

Today is Facebook’s 17th birthday and it got me to thinking about what I like about the social networking service.

First , the back story behind the social giant.  On February 4, 2004, a Harvard sophomore named Mark Zuckerberg launched The Facebook.  A social media website originally designed to connect Harvard students with one another had over a thousand people registered by the next day.  Now, known simply as Facebook, the site is one of the most significant social media companies in history with over 2.7 billion users.

I joined Facebook four years after it launched and remain an active user of the platform today.  Here are the top three things I personally like about it:

  1. It’s a quick way to stay updated on friends and family – especially during the pandemic, as we’ve been on lock down in California and unable to gather in person, having Facebook as a means to stay current on the health and wellbeing of others has been so helpful.
  2. I appreciate reading what others have to say about the news and the constant developments of the past 12 months.  Mind you, I don’t always agree with what I read but discerning through the content is a part of processing it.
  3. Facebook can be a mission field.  As I share posts about my family and activities, I often share about our church, Bible verses I’m reading and I comment on posts with a commitment to pray for the needs shared.  I see Facebook as an opportunity to share about what Christ means to me and how important His church is in my life.  Sharing hope, especially these days, is something we should always look to do . . . and, as believers, what we’re called to do – whatever the means!

Yes, there is lots to not like about Facebook as well . . . from pandemic to politics.  However, as Fred Jacobs,  President and Founder of Jacobs Media shared on his Facebook page the day after his birthday this past week:

These days, social media is taking a lot of hits – many deservedly so – but when it comes to reminding you that you are truly blessed to have friends, there’s nothing else like it. So thanks & let’s have a great year.

So, Happy Birthday Facebook . . . may it indeed be a great year!


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