By: Jennifer Perez May 17, 2019

So far this month on “The Garlow Perspective,” Dr. Jim Garlow has addressed some hot topics including what the Bible has to say about ethnicity and race.  He now begins a two-week series on a rather timely and sensitive issue in the news, Immigration and the Bible, offering biblical insight and solutions.

In one of the upcoming features, Jim explains . . .

For generations, America’s immigration policies mirrored biblical principles.  What happened?  When we abandoned those principles, our immigration system began to fail.  It’s become a patchwork of rapidly changing and often contradictory provisions.

Things got even worse during the rise of Secular Progressives at the end of the nineteenth century.  Four of their beliefs were especially egregious:

1) A focus on groups over individuals, with some groups deemed more important than others.  2) A belief that people are innately good.  3) Greater government involvement improves public policy.  And finally, 4) Immigration should use a “salad bowl” approach rather than a “melting pot.”  That is, maintaining separate identities instead of melding into one.  We should instead return to a residency requirement allowing time to become fully accustomed to American laws, customs, and culture.

But, even more important, Jim reminds us that when engaging in the debate over immigration, remember . . . it’s all about Jesus!

As Christians, we want immigrants to embrace American values and understand the distinctly biblical foundations of this nation.  But we also want them to come to an awareness that their sins can be forgiven through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Virtually every church sends missionaries to other countries, but now the people of those countries are coming to us, which is a blessing in disguise.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to express God’s love to them, not only through acts of kindness, but especially by sharing the Gospel with them.  This could be one of the Church’s finest hours if it reaches out to the immigrants in our midst, not just to help them assimilate into America, but specifically to help them assimilate into the family of God through a personal knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Encourage your listeners to tune in over the next several weeks as Jim brings to radio his timely and powerful commentary series based on content from his book, This Precarious Moment.

Your audience will become well versed with biblical insight on the issues roiling our nation today:  Race, Immigration, Israel, and how to reach the millennial generation with the Truth of God’s Word.

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