By: Michelle Blood June 24, 2019

When my son was in the 7th grade, I homeschooled him for a short season while my Marine husband was stationed in Okinawa.  It was a learning experience for both of us because for the first time we were studying subjects from a biblical perspective.  One especially profound moment came when we learned about “true science”–that is, the science which can be observed.  Up until that moment, we believed in God, the creator of the universe, but we didn’t know how to defend creation, nor did we understand what it meant to our own faith.

Maybe your listeners are unclear about their understanding of why they were created, what it means to be human, and more importantly, what their purpose is this side of Heaven.  On Grace to You in July, John MacArthur provides God’s answers to those questions from the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis 1.  Listeners will also hear what happened—and didn’t happen—on each day of creation, God’s purposes for man, and what it means to be created in the image of God.  And, I’m excited to add, John will talk about the creation vs evolution debate.  In fact, here’s a sample of what he has to say on that subject:

“A well-known scientist, a very decorated scientist named Herbert Spencer, died in 1903.  In his scientific career he had become noted for one great discovery; it was a categorical contribution that he made.  He discovered that all reality, all reality, all that exists in the universe can be contained in five categories: time, force, action, space and matter.”

John goes on to read Genesis 1:1 and then says …

“‘In the beginning,’ that’s time.  ‘God,’ that’s force. ‘Created,’ that’s action.  ‘The heavens,’ that’s space. ‘And the earth,’ that’s matter.  In the first verse of the Bible God said plainly what man didn’t catalog until the nineteenth century.  Everything that could be said about everything that exists is said in that first verse.  Now either you believe that or you don’t.  You either believe that that verse is accurate and God is the force or you believe that God is not the force that created everything.  And then you’re left with chance or randomness or coincidence.

As you can see, it’s sure to be a very thorough study of God’s Word.  Please encourage your audience to tune in for The Battle for the Beginning (airing July 8-August 2)–another one of John’s most popular series from his 50 years of ministry.

You can find all the details about July’s broadcasts and offers in the Grace to You Program Tool Kit here.



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