By: Peggy Campbell October 13, 2016


We sure hope so!

It’s taken the proverbial for-ev-er but we think it’s been worth the wait.

Of course, we love looking like we belong in the 21st century 🙂 … but we’ve also worked hard to create some new features that we hope will even more strongly do what we exist to do—amplify the Message.

Take a look at our updated station listings—including interactive maps. Cool, huh?

Need monthly promos and program information?  Go to Program Promos for our new Ambassador Program Tool Kits Dropbox for access to everything you need. (If it isn’t there, let us know!)

Want to make a statement about one of the ministries you air?  Grab and publish one of our infographics to help listeners “get the picture.”

Interested in how we work with our ministry partners?  Take a look at how “The Book” (Museum of the Bible) came into being.  (We think it’s a great story!)

Just looking for something sweet?  Check out the bottom of our Hospitality page!  (OK, that’s the same but we knew we couldn’t change one of our hallmarks!)

We hope you’ll linger a bit and get re-acquainted with the AAA website … and the people at Ambassador who are ready to serve!


What Stations are Saying
  • Cheryl G.

    Congrats on the new, updated look for your website. it’s wonderful and very easy to navigate! We know it’s been a long process, but your perseverance and patience has paid off!

  • David Ruleman

    Looking Good and Leading into the future….. So impressed with all you do. Congratulations.

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