By: Peggy Campbell June 30, 2021

These towns proclaim to be the world capital of a certain item … can you guess (presuming you surely don’t already know!) what that item is based on the clue?

1-Castroville CA.

No, it isn’t cigars!  It’s actually the bud of a thistle, a flower, whose “heart” is the most delectable.

2-Farmington ME

As you might expect, something worn in winter—and same verbiage also used for noise-cancelling headsets.

3-Alma AR

Source of strength—at least for Popeye.

4-Willow Creek CA


5-Bonneville Salt Flats UT

Movie starred Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves and Dennis Hopper (for instance).

6-Green Bay WI

Nope, nothing to do with cheese.  Presuming Green Bay had no “shortage” of this then, unlike the rest of us, during pandemic.

7-New Smyrna Beach FL

Not sure I’d want this claim to fame … world capital for “Jaws” activity.

8-Barberton OH

I imagine a # of towns would claim the same—it’s finger-lickin’ good here!

9-La Crosse KS

Basically used to restrain roaming cattle.

10-Mount Horeb WI

From Scandinavian folklore, recently a film of their worldwide tour featured Justin Timberlake, Mary J. Blige, et al.

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