By: Jennifer Perez November 21, 2017

In serving Pastor Jim Garlow’s ministry, I’m always amazed and inspired by his various travels, and the interesting opportunities that God gives him.

Just recently, Jim was invited to travel to Egypt as part of President Trump’s group of evangelical advisers to meet with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt and Egypt’s religious leaders. While Jim couldn’t discuss the trip ahead of going, we’ve learned more about it from this CT article.

The article reports that Egypt ranks No. 21 on Open Door’s World Watch List of the 50 nations where Christians face the most persecution. So, hosting a delegation of this kind represents a huge step forward in opening discussion and hopefully building a friendship with the country’s leadership.

While we don’t always see or understand God’s plans, our role is to be obedient and to go where God calls us. And to pray, as Jim did, “Why am I here, God? What do you want me to see?”

And, I pray for Jim Garlow as the Lord gives him more of these opportunities, placing him in areas where he can have tremendous influence.

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