By: Peggy Campbell March 4, 2021

1-Holds a skirt out, especially used in mid-1800s

2-Dip the donut

3-Opens a lock

4-Greatly diminished during a pandemic—just ask the airlines

5-Visible joint between upper and lower parts of the arm

6-Where you protest your parking ticket—which I’m sure you do

7-Engine, Ice, Cheese, Heart, Writer’s, e.g.

8-According to Charles Wesley (and on President Bush’s desk), what he had

9-Where Jim’s golf ball “never” goes

10-Get over a broken heart by falling in love again, maybe too quickly?

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Answers to last week’s “The Arts” Trivia:

1-At the end of the hospital bed OR what sea captain uses            CHART

2-Role OR division of hair            PART

3-Begin / initiate                 START

4-Projectile often found in pub OR quick movement            DART

5-Oakland’s speedy people mover OR Brett’s bro                BART

6-Never put before the horse                CART

7-Small pie OR sharp to the taste          TART

8-K, Wal, Stein, et al                                  MART

9-Mr. Rodgers’ partner                            HART [Just have to say that Mr. Hart wrote several of my all-time favorite tunes including My Romance,  He Was Too Good to Me, I Didn’t Know What Time It Was, It Never Entered My Mind, and Little Girl Blue]

10-People who are bright; cars that are efficient     SMART 😊


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