By: Peggy Campbell February 24, 2021

Soooooooo easy this time!

1-At the end of the hospital bed OR what sea captain uses

2-Role OR division of hair

3-Begin / initiate

4-Projectile often found in pub OR quick movement

5-Oakland’s speedy people mover OR Brett’s bro

6-Never put before the horse

7-Small pie OR sharp to the taste

8-K, Wal, Stein, et al

9-Mr. Rodgers’ partner

10-People who are bright; cars that are efficient

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Answers to last week’s “RE:” Trivia:

1-Ice box       Refridgerator

2-Red-headed country singer with an eponymous TV show (in re-runs)         Reba

3-Franchised real estate company        RE/MAX

4-Green trash bin is to do this    Recycle

5-Biggest Little City in the World … ?    Reno     

6-For which the flag stands         Republic

7-What many Californians want to do with Governor Newsom            Recall

8-“How I love to proclaim it”—another Fanny Crosby hit     Redeemed!

9-Iconic daytime talk host, also launched Who Wants to be a Millionaire     Regis

10-Petition directed to good Christian men             Rejoice


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