By: Peggy Campbell November 17, 2020

1-What young men do to pursue a military career.

2-Writes fiction.


4-Practice of the Cold War when people were excluded based on presumed political view (especially in Hollywood).

5-Billy Graham; Billy Sunday; Dwight Moody; et al.

6-John D. Rockefeller; Adam Smith; Donald Trump; et al.

7-To do items.

8-Song line-up on Spotify or iTunes.

9-Some who accepts the world as it literally is and deals with that accordingly.

10-Popular TV series (2008-2015) starring Simon Baker as crime consultant.

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Answers to last week’s “THIS IS … JEOPARDY!” Trivia:

1-What famous TV host created Jeopardy?    Former crooner (and BFF of Eva Gabor) Merv Griffin (who also created Wheel of Fortune)

2-Who wrote the universally known theme song with the ticking clock?           The same—and it’s estimated that the “little diddy” which he wrote as a lullaby for his son earned him more than … $70 million over his lifetime.

3-How many games in a row did champion Ken Jennings win (2004)?          74!  Will he be the new host??!

4-What did Trebek do to break the tension during that series as contestants nervously awaited the beginning of the contest?    Came out without his pants on😊

5-What was Trebek’s favorite category?         Geography

6-What is the smallest cash accumulated by a Jeopardy winner?                     $1.00

7-Out of 100,000 people who take the online test to quality for Jeopardy, how many actually appear on the program annually?      400

8-What amounts are awarded to second and third place contestants?            $2000 / $1000

9-How long has Jeopardy been on the air?     First aired March 30, 1964.  Trebek began in 1984—previously hosted famously by Art Fleming for bulk of years.

10-Alex Trebek will appear for the last time on what date of Jeopardy airing?   December 25 / Merry Christmas!

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