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Trivia: Don’t Forget The Accent

1-What every employment applicant has at the ready 2-Main item on the menu 3-What National Enquirer publishes frequently 4-Custard-like dessert, ...
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Trivia: Don’t Say It As Written

1-Cuts bread and steak 2-What you owe on your house, usually 3-Trivago icon 4-No man is this, says John Donne ...
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Trivia: Guess The Animal

… based on the literal meaning of the word: 1-“Horned nose” 2-“River horse” 3-“White head” 4-“Ground lion” 5-“Earth pig” 6-“One ...
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Happy Halloween!

1-Happy Farmers 2-Frequently accompanied with hugs 3-Athos, Porthos and Aramis 4-Constellation 5-Half-suppressed, typically scornful laughs 6-Peanuts character with many freckles ...
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Trivia: Where Am I? Global Edition!

1-Eiffel Tower 2-Brandenburg Gate 3-The Eye 4-Christ the Redeemer Statue 5-Palacio de Bellas Artes 6-Forbidden City 7-St. Basil’s Cathedral 8-CN ...
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Trivia: Where Am I?

1-Museum of the Bible 2-Olvera Street 3-Coit Tower 4-Texas School Book Depository 5-Space Needle 6-The Alamo 7-Spoonbridge and Cherry 8-Old ...
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Trivia: Get Ahead

1-Tip of Cochise’s weapon. 2-Purveyor of choice deli meats. 3-Archie’s son-in-law. 4-What you slap when you could have had a ...
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Trivia: Ink Spots

1-Informer. 2-The “touch” for Doris Day and Cary Grant. 3-Fool; deceive. 4-Smokey the Bear motto (mine too!). 5-Eat and be ...
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Trivia: Staying Overnight?

1-Built over 130 years ago in San Diego, it’s famous for its “Victorian beach resort” architecture that includes an iconic ...
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