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“Jesus Wept”: Proof that God Identifies with Our Suffering

The COVID-19 virus has swept across our world like wildfire, taking thousands of lives and leaving many more seriously ill.  ...
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Please find a list from Focus on the Family of ways you can help your listeners #ThriveAtHome during the Covid-19 Crisis ...
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Christians and the Coronavirus

In days like these when fear is all around, it can be easy to think that we’re the first to ...
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Rooted in Christ: Mujer Verdadera ’20

“Anything that makes me need God is a blessing.”  I was reminded of this quote by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth late ...
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Share the Good News of God’s Mercy

More than ever, many of us are beginning conversations, texts, emails and social posts with reference to our Heavenly Father.  ...
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Our Ultimate Hope is in Christ

In the last week, the coronavirus pandemic has seized the attention of the nation and the world. Yet even as ...
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Faithfully Honoring God

As I was reviewing programming this month from Pastor Carter, I heard him say in one of his upcoming It’s ...
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A Christian Response to Coronavirus

I took my old manual typewriter to be repaired yesterday.  The diagnosis:  it has the “Smith-Corona” virus. Too soon?  Maybe ...
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Sobering Statistics

In an upcoming edition of “The Garlow Perspective,” Dr. Jim Garlow shares some statistics which indicate a startling and sobering ...
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