By: Jennifer Perez September 27, 2016

Pastor Jim Garlow has said that it will take Christians with a biblical worldview to preserve and defend our liberties.  In one of his features airing this week on The Garlow Perspective, he states . . .

“As Christians, we can’t allow ourselves to be intimidated into doing nothing and saying nothing!  Cultural progressives won’t be satisfied with just intimidating us into silence; they want total and full acceptance from us.

How will we ever be bold enough to share the Gospel with others or even have any credibility to share eternal truths about sin, and judgment if we’re afraid of offending someone?  And that applies to everything God teaches us about family, marriage, raising children, the role of government, the nature of evil–even the intrinsic worth every person has by being made in the image of God.

Do we need to be sensitive and understanding of those we want to influence?  Absolutely!  But we have a moral duty to bear witness to the Truth–both the good news, and the bad news!

Not politically correct--biblically correct!”

And you and your station play an important role in this as every day you are teaching and arming your listeners with the truths of God’s Word so they can boldly proclaim it with others.

Speaking of being bold, Jim’s article on “Trump v. Hillary” in Charisma Magazine has had over 1.1 million shares on Facebook as of this writing.  We encourage you to share this well-written analysis with your listeners as Jim has attempted to provide answers to believers’ questions about this election.

Thank you for your partnership!

Jennifer Perez
Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media.


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