By: Jennifer Perez December 11, 2017

“Make no mistake, a government that tramples on conscience is a government that prevents its people from the pursuit of truth.” – John Stonestreet speaking at the steps of the Supreme Court

It was an honor for The Colson Center’s John Stonestreet to rally in support of Jack Phillips outside the Supreme Court as one week ago, SCOTUS heard what is perhaps the most important free speech and religious freedom case in our lifetime.

In case you missed it, BreakPoint aired two commentaries on the topic . . .

Jack Phillips’s and (Our Day) in Court (Eric Metaxas)

Jack Phillips Before the Supreme Court (John Stonestreet)

As both John and Eric have stated, this free speech case is extremely important. So continue to pray for the justices of our Supreme Court, that God would guide them in their deliberations and decision in this free speech and religious freedom case.

Thank you for keeping your listeners informed and challenged to live with a biblical worldview. We are grateful for your partnership and hope you enjoy all the blessings of this Christmas season!



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