By: Lee Ann Jackson May 15, 2017

You don’t have to look hard to find evidence of the darkness in our world today.  I had two particular reminders in my own life last week that the darkness is right before my very eyes.

On Thursday, I had lunch with a family member who left his wife of 21 years because it was time to focus on him . . . to find “his happiness.”

On Saturday, I was texting a friend from church whose adult daughter decided that she wanted to live life as a “he.”

In a world when the moral and righteous goal posts seem to move so often, how do we make sure we are living as authentic Christians?

Anne Graham Lotz encourages,

“If we want the Light and Life of Jesus Christ to penetrate the darkness—if we want to usher in peace, love, and hope—if we want our world to be changed within this generation,” we should learn from the 1st century followers of Jesus.”

In a new initiative, GodSpeaking: Rise Up!, Anne invites us to be a part of a worldwide movement of believers listening to God’s Word together.  She invites us to listen to Luke’s riveting account in the Book of Acts and what took place on earth after Jesus went back to Heaven.   Tucked into his account, Anne notes, we will listen to many of the letters that were also read and heard by the early followers of Jesus – letters that were powerful  . . . letters that were and still are life-saving and life-changing as they give inspiration and instruction in how to live as authentic Jesus-followers.

We’re invited to join Anne each day for ten days from May 26th, the Day of Ascension, until June 4th, the day of Pentecost . . . to listen to what God has to say for 40 minutes each day.

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Reflecting on the initiative, Anne asks, “In these days of anger and fear, danger and division, turmoil and terrorism, what would happen if everyone hit life’s pause button and made time to listen to what God has to say? Let’s find out.”

(If you aren’t yet airing Anne’s :60 Biblical insights, “Daily Light for Daily Living” on your station, contact me for details on how to get started!)



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