By: Lee Ann Jackson July 13, 2023

When it comes to social media, while radio stations should focus largely on Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest can also be an important element in social and digital strategies.

The photo-sharing site is a great tool for driving listeners to both your station’s website and Instagram page.

Strengths of Pinterest

  • 463 million people use Pinterest every month to find ideas and inspiration. If Pinterest were a country, it would surpass the United States as the third largest in the world.
  • 85.9% of Pinterest Users also use Instagram – translation: Instagram is the social media platform with the largest audience overlap with Pinterest.
  • Pinterest Is not just a social media platform.  It is, in fact, a search engine.  People use it just like Google to search topics that interest them.

Reasons to Use Pinterest

  • Direct traffic to your station web site: Include a unique, clickable link with each photo you share on Pinterest.
  • Grow your Instagram reach: Post first to your Instagram account, then grab the post’s URL and pin it to one of your station’s Pinterest’s boards. The beauty of Pinterest is that the life of your content is significantly longer than the mere day or two of traffic per post on Instagram. Actually, for as long as users continue to search the keywords in your Pinterest boards with Instagram posts, you’ll keep seeing engagement on both platforms.
  • Repurpose your content: Curate quality content your station is sharing on the web site, newsletters, emails and create a board to share it on Pinterest.

3 Ideas for Station Content on Pinterest

  1. Create a “Quote of the Day” pinboard.  Pin a quote from one of the programs and/or speakers you air on the station.  Quotes have great potential for re-pinning and each time this happens, you extend the reach of your radio station presence.
  2. Integrate Pinterest into an on-air feature.  Pin an image of trending topical news items and ask listeners to comment on it via Pinterest.  Then, have your on-air talent read the comments on the air.  The more comments, the better the chances that it will get “re-pinned” with the radio station as the source.
  3. Integrate your staff on your Pinterest presence – pin photos of the staff in a “rockstar” pinboard; share staff recipes (and good pictures!) – include a link to staff profile pages on your station’s web site.

The key to leveraging any social platform is to give your audience a reason to follow you and then, engage with them – Pinterest is a great place for your radio station to do just that!


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