By: Peggy Campbell June 16, 2021

If you were born after 1970, my apologies.  And … special recognition if you can tell me the theme—there IS one!

1-Drove a gold ’78 Pontiac Firebird; lived in trailer at the beach.

2-Drove a red Ferrari (on loan); lived in guest house on the beach J.

3-Trademark line of one character:  “You be careful out there.”

4-Twenty seasons and a few spin-offs as well.  (Bonus:  Who was your favorite Asst DA, favorite Detective?)

5-Created by same producer as #1, starred Robert Culp assisting a guy (William Katt) whose name had to be changed into the first season after the Reagan attempted assassination.  Yes, “believe it or not”!

6-Series about a group of misfit, former members of a Special Forces unit—Hannibal, Face, B.A., Howling Mad.

7-Long before hit “How I Met Your Mother,” this kid was a medical prodigy physician.

8-Titled same as a popular nursery rhyme, starred Robert Conrad on an island in the pacific during WW2.

9-Former NFL star turned actor, this series featured a sort of renegade LAPD homicide detective.

10-Before she was hit by the big bang, Mayim Bialik played this teenage character (series title same).

And one more I loved that was short-lived … starred “Chicken George” actor and the star of ID4, Jurassic Park, The Fly—and now spokesman for Apartments.Com.

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