By: Michelle Blood August 28, 2017

John MacArthur has said that reading the Bible is like eating … and praying is like breathing.

Early in my Christian walk, there were many times when praying was difficult for me.  Mostly, because I felt inadequate about praying–how to do it, what and who should I pray for, and wondering “will God answer my prayers?”  But looking back now, I realize it was also those times when my study of Scripture was lacking.  Today, I have a better understanding of the importance of both in my life–knowing the character of God and the necessity of communion with Him–I really can’t have one without the other.

This month on “Grace to You,” John MacArthur addresses the subject of prayer and tells listeners, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask (airing 9/11-15).  He wants to dispel the myth that we need to approach God with a fearful, timid spirit.  Instead, the truth is God wants us to pray boldly—and expect Him to answer.  If that surprises you, it may also surprise your listeners.  Make sure they tune in for this series when John also shares with us the spiritual disciplines of prayer.

Then later this month, in a study titled Seven Steps to Spiritual Stability (airing 9/18-10/1), John gives practical steps your listeners can follow to have the type of unwavering faith that stands firm … no matter what circumstances and trials come their way.

Timely lessons from Grace to You this month you don’t want to miss.  For more on these broadcasts and other programming details, as well as the corollary resources available, download the September Program Tool Kit.

As the devastation of Hurricane Harvey continues to unfold in the coming days and weeks ahead, we invite you to pray with us for our friends in Texas.  Of course, if you have a specific prayer request, do let me know, as I’d be honored to include you in mine.


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