By: Peggy Campbell May 20, 2019

Couldn’t resist!  Love them all—your favorite??  And … BONUS if you can name the husband (or romantic male lead) in each of these!

  1. A man and a woman who share a party line cannot stand each other, but he has fun romancing her with his voice disguised.
  2. A rich businessman and a young woman are attracted to each other, but he only wants an affair while she wants to save herself for marriage.
  3. A hypochondriac believes he is dying and makes plans for his wife which she discovers and misunderstands.
  4. An American physician and his wife take matters into their own hands after assassins planning to execute a foreign Prime Minister kidnap their son.
  5. Two widowed people fall in love and marry, unprepared for the hostile reactions of their children.
  6. The story of a wild west heroine sharp-shooter, her saloon, and her romance with Wild Bill Hickok.
  7. After five years lost at sea, a missing wife thought long dead returns just after her husband remarries.
  8. A housewife’s sudden rise to fame as a soap spokesperson leads to chaos in her home life.
  9. In London, a recently wed American woman’s sanity comes into question when she claims to be the victim of a threatening stalker.
  10. A university professor leaves his job to become a theater critic, creating problems with his family and friends.

Whatever will be, will be!  Find out how you did with Peggy.


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