By: Michelle Blood December 5, 2016

On my ride into the office this morning, I listened to “Grace to You.”  John MacArthur’s message today was on 1 Thessalonians 5:16…Rejoice Always!  What a timely message for me to hear!  Every year I go into December with the hope of making this Christmas all about the birth of the King, but without fail I let circumstances happening around me impact my attitude and unfortunately, steal my joy.

If the same is happening in your world this season, I strongly recommend you take time to listen to John’s message airing today, December 5.  You’ll hear 10 reasons why we are to “rejoice always” and seven hindrances that can prevent us from experiencing true Christian joy.

Then, encourage your audience to tune into “Grace to You” later this month when John will show us some aspects of Christ’s birth we may have overlooked, in a study that’s going to help prepare us (me, included!) to tell others about Christ and deepen our worship this Christmas season…which is after all, about The Birth of the King (airing December 12-23).

For a complete look at what’s airing on the daily and weekend broadcast of “Grace to You”— including resources coinciding with the studies airing this month, be sure to download this month’s Program Tool Kit.

Blessings to you and your family this Christmas and may it be everything you hope for and more!


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