By: Haley Jessup June 25, 2018

Relationships are a vital part of life.  

I think about the highs and lows I’ve had over my own 24 years of life (so far!), and I can’t imagine going through any of it without the communities that God has surrounded me with at various times. 

And just as relationship is important with my family and friends, it’s important with my Heavenly Father as well.   

On a recent edition of Making Your Life Count, guest, Jason Benham, talks about the importance of viewing Christianity as a relationship rather than a religion. He says:  

” … the more time you spend with that person, the deeper you grow in the knowledge of that person. […] I know my wife; I don’t always understand her, but I know her. It’s the same way with our Christian walk. We have to be in Scripture every single day, seeing what the Father is doing.”  

Getting to know the Lord on such an intimate and personal level is just one of the ways in which we can “make our lives count.”  

And just to say, you encourage your listeners to do this every day by airing Making Your Life Count! Thank you for partnering with Cru to share such a powerful and timely message.  


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