Program Specs

Name: Every Life Matters: The Truth about Down Syndrome
Associated Speaker/Program:  Brad Mattes / Life Issues
Type:  26:00 Sanctity of Life radio special
Date:   January 19, 2020
Contact:  Lee Ann Jackson, 949-681-7644
Listen to the trailer: 

Life Issues Institute is producing a radio special for release around Sanctity of Life Sunday 2020 titled, Every Life Matters: The Truth about Down syndrome. People with Down syndrome are too often considered expendable. In certain countries, government policy is to abort all babies with the genetic markers. In the process, the world is robbed of people who most joyfully and kindly shine brightest among us. In this special, Life Issues’ President Brad Mattes interviews Shauna Amicka, whose daughter, Sarah, is the joy of her life. He also speaks with Katie Shaw, who has the condition, but has successfully lobbied to pass legislation protecting these lives. That and much more will be covered in this moving and informative special.

This year Life Issues Institute is championing that every life matters by proclaiming the truth about Down syndrome.


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Blogs:  “Every Life Matters: The Truth about Down Syndrome” and “Equal in the Eyes of God”

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About Brad Mattes

A veteran of the pro-life cause . . .

With over 40 years of significant contribution and recognition in the pro-life movement, Brad Mattes is widely known in the United States and worldwide for his passion for the preborn.

He is the commentator for the daily Life Issues program, heard on over 1,100 radio outlets nationwide and is the co-founder and president of Life Issues Institute, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As president of the organization, Brad is responsible for the global objective of Life Issues Institute: to develop and disseminate effective pro-life education.