By: Peggy Campbell December 16, 2019

1-Hotel where Kevin enjoyed a home-away-from-home alone.

2-Store where George Bailey worked as a youngster—“Wish I had a million dollars!  Hot Dog!”

3-Store where Elf upgrades all the Christmas displays.

4-Store that employs Doris Walker.

5-Store where Ralphie meets Santa.

6-Inn that hosts Bob, Phil, Betty & Judy.  (This is a giveaway since I gave you the info in the list of last week’s questions!)

7-Iconic rink where Kevin’s mom finally finds him in NYC.

8-Edifice where John McClane encounters Hans Gruber.

9-Elevated home of the Grinch.

10-Restaurant where Howard Langston encounters Myron Larabee—and the chase for Turbo-Man is on!

Come on and play along, email your answers! This is the last Trivia of the decade! Trivia will resume in 2020.🙂  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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