By: Jennifer Perez September 30, 2019

What are you seeking with all your heart?  Social media likes?  A better job?  A dream home?  Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says that “on their own, none of these things will fulfill you.  The things that we are seeking naturally apart from God do not satisfy.  They never have.  They never can.  They never will.”

This past weekend, women from around the world came together for one purpose: to seek the Lord for what we desperately need and cannot get for ourselves—revival.  And this is the theme airing on “Revive Our Hearts” programs this month.

Nancy teaches on the topic of revival and the concepts from the Seeking Him Bible study, reminding us that what we seek for reveals what matters to us.  And that coming to God requires honesty, humility, and faith.

Encourage your listeners to tune in for this powerful 12-day series, “The Joy of Personal Revival” on Revive Our Hearts.  Daily promo copy is provided in the October Program Tool Kit here.

When God ignites revival in just one woman’s heart, it can quickly spread to her family, her church, and transform an entire community.  Perhaps you can be the spark!

Knowing that revival is much more than a one-time event or emotional experience, the ministry is also offering a 12-day prayer challenge that begins October 1st.  Join with others in asking God to bring revival.

“You who seek God, let your hearts revive.” – Psalm 69:32


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