By: Lee Ann Jackson October 6, 2022

In an effort to give users more control over what they on the platform, Meta announced this week that they’ve launched new ways to customize what appears in your Facebook feed so you can discover what’s “most relevant to you.”  The social-media company said users can now choose “show less” or “show more” on individual posts which will allow them to curate the type of content they want on their feeds.

According to Facebook, selecting “show less” will lower a post’s ranking score, (on a temporary basis), and choosing “show more” will do the opposite. While this option may not make a substantial change in your Facebook experience, it can be used to train Facebook’s algorithm, which will result in the app showing less irrelevant content on your feed.

Facebook said soon users can decide to show more or less by selecting the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner. (Note: These buttons won’t always be present below each post in the feed and will appear periodically.)

What should you do in light of these changes?

  1. Encourage your Facebook followers to choose “show more” when they see your content.

  2. Invite engagement on your posts – ask questions, take polls.

  3. Share content your followers want to see, not just content you want to share.


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