By: Peggy Campbell October 7, 2020

1-Favored by JFK and Cracker Barrel Restaurants

2-Seen on Hollywood sets

3-Baby’s seat at the table

4-The lead musician in each group of instruments, violin being tops typically

5-Popular option for temporary seating

6-Designed for those who are no longer mobile due to injury or illness or disability

7-Often toted to kids’ sports events and picnics

8-Popular kids’ game involving music and limited seating

9-Possible final seat for convicted criminal

10-Named for NY region where these are often found lakeside

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Answers to last week’s  “POSSESSIVE FILMS” Trivia:

Between the news on the president, the Focus program with VP today (and stations concerned) and a few other wrenches J … forgot to send earlier!  Happy weekend!

1-Classic children’s book comes to screen; an amazing pig and his spinning friend.                        Charlotte’s Web

2-Friendship between white and black football players.  “Every true story ends in death.  This is a true story.”  Bring Kleenex.      Brian’s Song

3-How’s this for cast?  Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Don Rickles, Carroll O’Connor, Donald Sutherland … soldiers behind enemy lines find Nazi treasure.     Kelly’s Heroes

4-Orphan boy and magical “Elliott” pursued by abusive adoptive parents.   Pete’s Dragon

5-A German industrialist becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing Nazi persecution.           Schindler’s List

6-The first one launched a long series of movies featuring a St. Bernard—this time the dog’s girlfriend is dognapped and puppies are in danger of same fate.     Beethoven’s 2nd

7-“The film flop that reshaped Hollywood,” sunk a film company and destroyed the director’s career; starred Kris Kristofferson, Jeff Bridges, Christopher Walken.    Heaven’s Gate

8-Horror film about a pregnant woman who suspects an evil cult wants to take her baby … EEK.                   Rosemary’s Baby

9-Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton do battle with a volcanic eruption.      Dante’s Peak

10-For her lead role, Meryl Streep won Best Actress playing a Holocaust survivor.            Sophie’s Choice


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