By: Lee Ann Jackson April 27, 2023

Mother’s Day is on May 14thdo you have your Mother’s Day social media strategy ready?

Holidays are a perfect opportunity to execute a social media campaign and attract more listeners (and more engagement!).

Here are 5 ways your station can minister to moms in your listening audience and grow your social media community:

  1. Use fun and creative graphics

Happy Mother’s Day social media posts give your station a chance to share  content which minister to a large portion of your audience – moms. Check out the free Canva templates to your help you with your Happy Mother’s Day social media posts – easy to download and to customize for your station.

  1. Create a Dedicated Mother’s Day Contest

Invite your listeners, (both on-air and on social media), to tag their mom in a post, share their favorite thing about their mom (or mother figure) and tag your station. You can tailor the contest prize to be around Mother’s Day by putting together a special gift basket, giving the winner two gift cards, (one for them and one for mom!).

  1. Share a Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We’re all looking for ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.  By sharing a Mother’s Day gift guide on your social media channels, you can give your audience some great tips on what to include on their gift list.  Consider highlighting items from local shops, florists, bakeries or coffee shops.  Make sure to tag them (they just might return the favor!).

  1. Highlight Station Staff Moms

Invite your team to submit pictures and a caption about their mom.  Begin sharing the posts the week before Mother’s Day . . . not only will your team earn extra brownie points with their moms, your station will be building a connection with your audience.

  1. Share Mother’s Day Bible Verses and Quotes

A simple way to celebrate Mother’s Day on social media is by sharing Bible verses about moms and/or Mother’s Day quotes.  Keep in mind that typically, this type of content has a high sharing probability – which means your listeners may share the posts on their social pages and in turn, increases your station’s chances of being seen, (and heard!) by potential new listeners.

While Mother’s Day usually means flowers, candy or breakfast in bed, it also means opportunities for your station to engage with your audience . . . so, start preparing now on ways your station will celebrate moms!


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