By: Jennifer Perez May 6, 2019

“Whether or not a woman has ever birthed a child, a woman can be a spiritual mother.” – Susan Hunt

In Titus 2, we’re told that older women are to teach younger women.  But how?  What practical steps do you take to set up those mentoring relationships?

Susan Hunt has a lot of experience in connecting women in the church.  And the biblical model of women mentoring women is the focus of Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s book, “Adorned.”  Together, they’ll pass along their wisdom in a special series airing on Revive Our Hearts this week (May 6-10).

During this interview with Nancy, Susan discusses these areas of ministry:

  • Investing in the Next Generation
  • You Can Be a Mentor!
  • Imperfect People Can Be Powerful Mentors
  • The Long-Term Influence of Your Life
  • God’s in Charge of Your Ministry

Personally, I’ve been mentored by these women who have then showed me how to mentor younger women.  While I once thought that a mentoring relationship needed to follow a formal process, I’ve discovered many practical ways to engage those the Lord has brought into my life.  I feel like I learn more from them than they do from me!  Anyway, it’s been a joy-filled experience and I’m excited for your listeners to be challenged and learn more as they hear from Nancy and Susan.

Resources to help promote this series and other programs airing this month can be found in the May Program Tool Kit.

And as we look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shares this tribute to her mother . . .

My mother considered it the highest honor to be Mrs. Arthur DeMoss.  Throughout my years as a single woman, her example caused me to look for ways to be an encourager to pastors, Christian leaders, and the men I served alongside of in ministry.  Now, as a married woman, how grateful I am for the lessons I learned from her, as I seek to honor, bless, and serve alongside of my precious husband.  Today, even in her eighties, my mother’s prayers and encouragement are a sweet gift to Robert and me and through us to so many others.

May we find blessing as we express our love and appreciation for our moms!


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