By: Peggy Campbell July 6, 2016
In Devotions

A few months ago, during NRB at Opryland, a charming fellow popped into the Ambassador Hospitality Suite and indicated he wanted to speak to someone about his organization.  When we learned he was actually a “neighbor” to AAA in Irvine, we planned for Samy Tanagho to sit down with us for a longer chat once we all returned home.

Not long ago that visit transpired … and our team was captivated by the extraordinary life story of this Egyptian attorney who came to Christ as a young adult and whose life course was re-directed from a successful legal career into an outreach to Muslims.

I have to say, as Samy related his journey, I was a bit ashamed that I have probably fallen into the too easy, too typical path for us today–less love and more hostility toward those devoted to Islam.  I was wrong.  Samy’s input has helped me adjust that as is our biblical mandate.

I hope you’ll take a moment to hear more of Samy’s message–and perhaps visit his websitewhere you can get further acquainted.  If you’re looking for a great interview, here’s someone who has much insight to share–in a remarkably winsome fashion.  It is Glad News, indeed!

Peggy Campbell
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.


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