By: Lee Ann Jackson November 13, 2017

The older I get, the less I understand . . . frankly, the reality is, the less I have answers to questions.

Though here’s the thing, I’m also realizing that not having answers isn’t a bad thing.  In fact, not having answers can be the opposite as Joni Eareckson Tada shared just last week at KKLA’s Impact 2017 Pastor’s Conference.

Having decided to disregard the planned message she was going to share at the event, Joni felt led to instead share straight from her heart as she reflected on the recent tragedy in Sutherland Springs:

“When it comes to answers to tragedies such as this one . . . when we’re tempted to list why things happen . . .  what the people in Sutherland Springs need is Christian brothers and sisters ready not to slap truth on the counter, and say “here, ingest it, swallow it, read this Bible verse.”  We’ve got to hook up our spiritual veins to theirs and infuse into them that same life giving warmth of Christ that sustains us in our brokenness.  Not answers, but give Jesus.”

Joni shared that questions are good when you’re suffering . . .

“the Bible’s answers are good, and right and true but sometimes, answers, when you’re hurting, can sting like salt on the wound.”

We want God to be in the middle of our suffering – we want Him to be real, up close and personal.  She notes that God isn’t quick to give us a bunch of words, but He is quick to give us the Word, Jesus:

  • In Exodus 15, He gives Himself as the great healer.
  • In Isaiah 54, He gives Himself as a husband to the widow or the single woman.
  • In Psalm 10, He gives Himself as a father to the orphan.
  • In the book of John, He gives Himself as living water to those who are thirsty for much more than this world can give.

When people are hurting, God is quick to give Himself, not answers, not advice.  And, as Joni has shares in her radio features, “Joni and Friends” and “Diamonds in the Dust,” God is still what she needs each and every day.

As Joni lives out her commitment to share the life giving warmth of Christ with others, we’re excited to share that she has just been named WORLD News Group’s 2017 Daniel of the Year! Each December, WORLD’s annual Daniel of the Year award is bestowed on a person or persons who exhibit bravery in defense of God’s authority by helping those who are being persecuted – read WORLD Magazine’s profile on Joni on the WORLD Magazine website. 



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