By: Jennifer Perez July 24, 2017

Spanning more than 25 years of BreakPoint radio programs, a commentary aired last week that has produced record-breaking response (both positive and negative), but for conservative Christians, it might be one of the most important programs that BreakPoint has ever delivered.

Speaker John Stonestreet commented on the recent statements (and retraction) made by Eugene Peterson regarding his views on same-sex “marriage.”

John noted . . .

“I’m glad for this retraction, though his statements are still puzzling.  Even more, they’re revealing.  First, they reveal the crisis of authority among evangelicals.  Second, they reveal the need for clarity on another oft-repeated point: that there’s a massive shift among Christians on this issue.  Third, Peterson’s original statement appealed, not to biblical teaching or theological argument, but to people and experiences.

As Tim Keller wrote, if you change your mind about homosexuality because you meet a friendly and intelligent gay person, your views probably weren’t based on a biblical theology of marriage to begin with.  Feelings are no substitute for an informed Christian worldview.”

What a strong reminder that it’s our biblical worldview that frames all of our reality.  And, as John concluded, let us join together in praying that all Christian leaders continue to stand on the authority of God’s word and keep a commitment to the tenets of the faith “given once for all.”

You can hear the program and get additional resources on this topic here at BreakPoint’s website.

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