By: Jennifer Perez November 18, 2016

Just how thankful are you?  Even in the tough times?

In a special program airing on Thanksgiving Day, Pastor Jim Garlow asks listeners these questions and then proceeds to share this story . . .

An elderly man who was a pilot in World War 2 said in an interview: “Those were the best years of my life.”  What?  The best years of his life?

The best years he’s referring to were during uncertainties of war, all the deprivations that were taking place.  How could he possibly think that?

In tough times, we’re forced to rely on things that really count.  We rely on what is most meaningful.  Such as dependence on God.  His faithfulness.  His sufficiency.

In tough times, we tend to band together in ways we don’t otherwise.  I’ve heard some say, “We were poor and we didn’t even know it!”  Why?  Because they were flooded with love—and gratitude!

Jim concludes: In a time of uncertainty, let’s remember all that we are thankful for in Jesus Christ!

On behalf of Jim and The Garlow Perspective,” blessings on your Thanksgiving week!  And, as we look forward to celebrating Christmas, please note that “The Garlow Perspective” will air special features with a Christmas theme on December 5, 6, and 23.


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