By: Peggy Campbell August 19, 2020

Three words each answer … spelled different but sound the same.  Easy!

1-Yes; me; home of the pupil

2-Baseball’s requisite circling; mellifluous section of the choir; justification

3-Acquire by payment; alongside; so long!

4-Early AM moisture; owed; carry out

5-Impoverished; skin hole; serve a drink

6-Falls on the just and unjust; hold royal office; helpful in stopping the horse

7-Jasmine, black, Earl Grey, et al; pester; home for Titleist Pro V1

8-Mrs. Ram; coniferous tree; not me!

9-Goldi had them; Nessie’s home; salmon at its best?

10-Twosome; tree for the partridge; trim

BONUS:  Give me another trio for Triplets Part 2!

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Answers to last week’s  “VEEPs” Trivia:

1-Second wife is a physician; served also as senator from a state with population the size of San Francisco.        Joe Biden [Barack Obama]

2-Fine young man from Indiana … but couldn’t spell “potato” right J.                     Dan Quayle  [George H. W. Bush]

3-He fought much bigger issues when he suddenly became president but drew a lot of flack for lifting his beagles by their ears.               Lyndon Johnson [JFK]

4-Ooops.  You’re outta here was the verdict on a crooked VP serving an “I am not a crook” president.                     Spiro Agnew [Richard Nixon]

5-Another “suddenly President” who was the first one to be impeached.  (Big points if you know WHY he was impeached.)            Andrew Johnson [Abe Lincoln]

6-His daughter married the grandson of the president he served as VP.           Richard Nixon [Dwight Eisenhower]

7-Let’s hear it!  He “invented the internet!”               Al Gore [Bill Clinton]

8-War hero whose son became president (so did he).            George H. W. Bush [Ronald Reagan]

9-The buck stopped with him.                Harry Truman [Franklin Roosevelt]

10-Shot his political rival (and future “Broadway star”) in a duel during last year of his term as VP.            Aaron Burr [Thomas Jefferson]


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