By: Peggy Campbell August 9, 2016

1-Which President’s library sits on the Arkansas River in Little Rock?  (Kinda makes me wonder—will they do side-by-side Libraries or will hers go up in NY?? :-)!)

2-The state is home to the only producing mine in the U.S. of what gem?

3-He walked the line—and was born in Kingsland AR.

4-Who established the chain’s first location in Rogers AR (1962)?

5-Called the “Spinach Capital of the world,” Alma AR is also home to a statue of what beloved cartoon character?

6-Believe it or not, 48% of the country’s production of this grain originates in Arkansas fields (nearly 9 billion pounds annually).  What is it?

7-Can you name the official state beverage?  Got it

8-What caused President Eisenhower to send a thousand troops to Little Rock in 1957?

9-Other than #1, name one other former Arkansas governor.

10-What national ministry calls Little Rock home?  Happy 40th!

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