By: Peggy Campbell July 21, 2017

Recently with a good friend, we landed on an exchange and I told him this is how my trivia quizzes come into being.  So … thanks, Phil … you made this happen! ☺

1-The President walks in when this music starts.

2-A very long and typically unsuccessful pass made in a desperate attempt to score late in the game.

3-Originally a military event celebrating those coming to and departing from an organization, it’s now used for life passages and such.

4-The greeting Julius heard just before his senators murdered him.

5-What anyone who lives in NY must learn to do for transport.

6-The first tune Sister Mary Clarence directs for the choir at St. Katherine’s Parish.  Hint.

7-A “Tin Pan Alley” tune (originally Sullivan wrote music for Pirates of Penzance) that reminds us “what the heck do we care.”

8-Showing excessive familiarity.  If you get this, I’m impressed.

9-[Sometimes I have to stretch to make it work] … Ethiopia’s ruler from 1916 to 1974.

10-After rain but before snow.

Do you know the answers?  Send them to Peggy >>


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