By: Peggy Campbell December 9, 2019

Joni suggested this quiz, and contributed a couple of questions … and who could say no to Joni?!? 😁 

1-This wasn’t the first time Bing Crosby sang the title tune.  When previously?  (Co-star then?)  And what was the title of the movie he sang it in the SECOND time??

2-If you’re worried and you can’t sleep … what should you do?  How about when you are discouraged, thinking all is lost?

3-What was the name of General Waverly’s inn?  Where was it located?

4-Relatively speaking … what is Rosemary Clooney to Debby Boone?

5-Actress Mary Wickes played Emma, the housekeeper.  What was another role which made her popular, many years later?

6-Speaking of Emma, she proclaimed herself president of what club?

7-What was the name of the General’s granddaughter?

8-Who was the oldest actor in White Christmas?

9-Which actor was a last-minute replacement … for which actor?

10-What show did Bob go on to invite the old military unit to Vermont?

BONUS:  What did Bob call milk?

Think you snow, snow, snow the answers? Email them to


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