By: Peggy Campbell June 12, 2020

1-Stick out your thumb and hope for a free ride.

2-Krueger, Mercury, Prinze.

3-A favorite on every Thanksgiving table.

4-Instructions on a bottle cap these days.

5-The power of moving from place to place (often connected to rail transport).

6-Little or George or divan.

7-African ethnic group.

8-Shaking, especially abnormal vibration of the wheels of a motor vehicle.

9-Steve Martin film.

10-Toad misspelled.

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Answers to last week’s “ALL SKILLETS” Trivia:

1-Coronavirus, et al.  PANDEMIC

2-City home of Pastor John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church.  PANORAMA CITY [OK, their zip is Sun Valley but the facility is literally on the border with Panorama City]

3-She had a box; we like the store.  PANDORA

4-Grilled sandwich.  PANINI

5-Urban beggar.  PAN HANDLER

6-Historic Hollywood theater.  PANTAGES

7-Italian bacon.  PANCETTA

8-Flat breakfast delight.  PANCAKES

9-Connects Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  PANAMA CANAL

10-Remedy for all difficulties or diseases.  PANACEA


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