By: Peggy Campbell November 30, 2018

1-His name has become synonymous with a stingy outlook on life.

2-They picked the wrong house to rob, thanks to Macaulay Culkin.

3-Created by Theodore Geisel, he stole Christmas—or tried.

4-His red hair and braced-filled snarl made this bully the fear of the neighborhood.

5-He nearly ruined Bedford Falls.

6-Otherwise known as the Abominable Snow Monster.

7-He gives Kris Kringle a psych test and convinces Alfred he is unstable simply because he is kind-hearted.

8-Must be bad if he nips at your nose, right?

9-He was uber-villain who disrupted a Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza.

10-His concern at dethronement resulted in an edict that cost the lives of thousands of Jewish babies.

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