By: Peggy Campbell February 14, 2017

1-Popular in the 60s, this tune spelled out romance especially with inclusion in movies like Parent Trap.  

2-She starred in the same-titled movie about love in the midst of turmoil over the House Un-American Activities Committee actions.

3-And he starred in a different same-titled movie—in fact, it was the acting debut (1956) of the hip-swinging singer.

4-Finally!  She sang her signature tune (written for a 1941 movie called Sun Valley Serenade twenty years later)—and it landed in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.

5-These (not) Brothers made the hit popular—as did the Ghost soundtrack.

6-These Brothers wondered about the scope of love with the hit that went into Saturday Night Fever. 

7-This “city” band made a hit song of a tune from Top Gun. 

8-Many have sung this classic but hers was featured in the … sigh … Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan at the top of the Empire State building movie .

9-This crooner sang the Henry Mancini hit (and Academy Award winning Best Original Song) in a rather sad tale by Truman Capote.

10-She also starred in the tear-jerker movie about a lifelong, sometimes rocky road, friendship between two women.

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