By: Peggy Campbell April 24, 2017

1-Disney classic featuring talking dishware, now in live action not just animation.

2-Hit the scene as a novelty record in 1958 but subsequent movies and TV specials have made these rodents a household name.

3-Hemingway’s classic fisherman’s tale.

4-Young man vs giant—all because of an overgrown vine.

5-Burt Reynolds/Sally Field … three times over.

6-They were “California dreamin'” in the 60s.

7-Another Disney classic featuring the canine set—guess which was MY favorite “character”!

8-Old time TV series about an au pair and an academic.

9-Disney again—beautiful young royal and a group of midgets.

10-Story of a world of pure imagination.  Thank you, Roald Dahl.

BONUS points if you can name his other classic about a boy and a piece of fruit.

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