By: Peggy Campbell May 11, 2020


1-His coaching was extremely porpoiseful—back-to-back Super Bowl wins, the first one preceded by a perfect record (14-0).  RIP

2-This coach packed a wallop—he led his team to the very first Super Bowl championship.  And a nice trophy bears his name.

3-He “grizzly” outlook carried his team on a wave of success, never a losing season under his leadership.

4-“Saddle up your horses”—his cool sideline persona helped the team get to five Super Bowls.

5-Polar opposite of #4, how do you spell O-H-I-O … like this!

6-His winningest percentage as a coach still rocks me.  “Win one for the you know who!”

7-This bears repeating.  He boasts 40 seasons with the same team—only one a losing season.

8-His roaring coached the team for 45 years—sadly ending in some measure of ignominy.

9-“Oh, Tom.”  Give your coach a break—he’s led the team for 20 years this season after stops in Cleveland and New York.

10-This coach of “quiet strength” is a prolific author after years leading pirates and young horses.

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